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Europaspåret – connecting Sweden and Denmark

Europaspåret (the European track) is a fixed link between Copenhagen and Landskrona that will double the rail capacity between Sweden and Denmark, increase possibilities for freight trains and reduce travel times.  

Why Europaspåret?

Today the Öresund Bridge is the only fixed link between Sweden and Denmark for rail traffic. The bridge does not have enough capacity for the future needs and is a bottleneck in the European rail network. New capacity is needed across Öresund for both regional, remote and freight trains. Europaspåret is the only proposal for a new fixed link between Sweden and Denmark that provides a complete solution for the rail traffic.

About Europaspåret

A 19 kilometres tunnel between Copenhagen and Landskrona for remote, regional and freight trains.

Reduces travel time from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin by 30 minutes.

Reduces travel time from Gothenburg to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin by 55 minutes.

Increases railway capacity across Öresund by 100 % and relieves the railway through Copenhagen Airport, Malmö and Lund.

Green infrastructure that moves freight transport from road to railway.

Can handle the 90 % increase in freight trains between Denmark and Sweden that are expected when the Fehmarn fixed link opens in 2028.

Together with the Öresund Bridge Europaspåret creates a coherent and reliable railway system with redundancy.

Decreases travel times within the Öresund region significantly and improves commuting opportunities.

Increases the labour market region by 325,000 people in the working age.

An investment of SEK 48 billion that can receive up to 40 % in EU grant.

Click here to download our latest report with everything you need to know about Europaspåret.


Contact information: Landskronastad, Drottninggatan 7, Lanskrona, +46 (0) 418-47-00 00