Europaspåret - the next fixed link between Sweden and Denmark

Europaspåret (the European track) is a project for a new fixed Öresund connection between Sweden and Denmark. The project is run by the City of Landskrona, which has carried out investigations of the project and is working to have the proposal investigated by Swedish and Danish authorities.

The unique feature of Europaspåret is that the connection can handle both regional, long-distance and freight trains. No other proposal for a new Öresund connection can do this. Europaspåret is proposed to be a combined railway and road immersed tunnel similar to the Fehmarn Belt-tunnel that will increase capacity, create redundancy and opportunities for more sustainable passenger and freight transport.  

If you want more information in English about Europaspåret please contact project leader, Hanne Skak Jensen, on email: 

Facts about Europaspåret

A 21 kilometers long immersed tunnel for regional-, long-distance-, and freight trains as well as road traffic.

Reduces travel times from Copenhagen to Stockholm  with 30 minutes.

Reduces travel times from Copenhagen to Gothenburg with 55 minutes. 

Increaces railway capacity across Öresund with 100 percent and relieves the railway from Copenhagen to Malmö and Lund. 

Contributes to the transition from road to rail traffic. 

Can handle the increase in freight train transport between Denmark and Sweden, which is expected when the Fehmarn link between Denmark and Germany opens in 2029.

Creates, together with the Øresund bridge, a coherent, robust and reliable train system across the Øresund.

Creates significantly shorter travel times in the Øresund region and improves commuting options.

Increases the labor market region.

A self-financing project with a payback period of less than 40 years.